Beko Us, Inc. Introduces New 36" French 4-Door Freestanding Refrigerator

By Beko US

Beko home appliances debuts new 36" French 4-Door Freestanding Refrigerator at KBIS 2019 to help food retain its nutrients and stay fresher longer

Built with freshness in mind, Beko’s 36" French 4-Door Freestanding Refrigerator includes:

  • EverFresh+ (Double Drawer): With meticulous temperature management and precise humidity control, EverFresh+ technology keeps fresh food fresher three times longer than the average refrigerator — for up to 30 days
  • Active Fresh Blue Light: Fruits and vegetables stay fresh up to 30% longer and retain vitamins and nutrients with this amazing new technology that simulates natural lighting conditions, extending the photosynthesis process into the refrigerator
  • IonGuard Refrigerators: Advanced IonGuard technology creates a fresh air environment inside the refrigerator to protect and preserve foods longer and eliminate odor transfer
  • NeoFrost Dual Cooling Technology: NeoFrost Dual Cooling Technology ensures food stays fresher longer; unlike conventional single cooling systems, NeoFrost cools twice as fast with two separate cooling systems that maintain optimal humidity in the fridge, while keeping the freezer dry and frost-free
  • Multizone Technology: Allows the user to customize their refrigerator and freezer space to their needs. Users can choose the lowest temperatures to increase freezer space, or create a quick chill-zone for wines and deserts

Combining innovative refrigeration technology with sleek, yet functional design, Beko’s 36” French 4-Door Freestanding Refrigerator offers an aesthetically pleasing, efficient addition to the kitchen. Features include:

  • Fingerprint-Free Stainless Steel: Beko stainless steel surfaces are specially coated for easy-to-clean, smudge-free beauty
  • Counter Depth Design: Beko refrigerators blend seamlessly with a kitchen’s existing cabinets
  • Additional Features include
    • Interior LED Lighting strategically placed to illuminate every shelf separately and provide uniform lighting
    • Automatic Ice Maker
    • Interior Filtered Water Dispenser


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