Beko US Jumps Into the Rink, Sponsors MB Ice Arena - Chicago Blackhawks Community Rink and Youth Hockey

By Beko US

Bolingbrook, Ill. (Jan. 15, 2018) - Beko US (www.bekoappliances.com) joins the Chicago Blackhawks star-studded lineup with its sponsorship of MB Ice Arena - Chicago Blackhawks Community Rink and Chicago youth hockey. Beko, the #1 European freestanding home appliance brand recently introduced into the North American market, is based in the Chicago area.

As part of the recent Beko Home Appliances 1-on-1 Challenge, Squirt youth hockey players engaged in a shootout competition at MB Ice Arena on Jan. 3. The finalists were shooter Ilija Marich, 10, Evanston, Ill.; goalie Bella DiSilvestro, 10, Roselle, Ill.; shooter Dylan Kaye, 10, Beecher, Ill.; and goalie Jake Windbiel, 9, Elk Grove Village, Ill. The four were paired up to play for the championship in front of a sellout crowd at the United Center during the intermission of the Chicago Blackhawks home game on Jan. 7. The winning team of Kaye and Windbiel will attend the 2018 NHL® All-Star Game in Tampa Bay from Jan. 27-28 to compete against other Squirt-age winners from around the NHL.

Beko has a permanent presence at MB Ice Arena with two board signs on each of the facility's two NHL-sized ice rinks. The arena is not only the practice home for the Chicago Blackhawks, but also a critical community space that offers programming, beginner hockey classes, youth & high school hockey leagues, and public skate. It is also home to adult recreational hockey leagues, elite-level tournaments, and fundraising events.

"One high-performing team deserves another," said Hasan Yardimci, president, Beko US, Inc. "Beko is committed to the value of teamwork and giving families more time to play."

To help young athletes eat well, Beko's EverFresh technology keeps food fresher three times longer than the average refrigerator - for up to 30 days. Beko's Active Fresh Blue Light technology simulates natural lighting conditions, extending the photosynthesis process in the refrigerator, to help keep fruits and vegetables fresh up to 30 percent longer, and retain vitamins and nutrients.

Superstar features on other Beko home appliances allow busy moms and dads to cook meals more quickly and efficiently, clean dishes better with less noise, water and energy, and wash and dry clothes quickly.

"Our appliances provide smart meaningful solutions, backed by state-of-the-art technology and award-winning energy-efficiency that truly improve families' lives," Yardimci said.

Beko US, Inc. was founded in June 2016 and has a distribution center in Bolingbrook, Ill.

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About Beko US, Inc.

Beko US, Inc. is a subsidiary of Arçelik A.S., whose vision is "Respects the globe, Respected globally." The company is committed to developing highly energy efficient electrical appliances that deliver exceptional value, superior quality, and high levels of customer satisfaction by listening and responding to the needs of consumers. With a growing presence in 140 countries worldwide, Beko is the fastest growing major appliance brand in Europe and the top-selling brand in the United Kingdom. In June 2016, Beko secured a place in the U.S. market, with retailer commitments and a sister brand, Blomberg, that has been a top choice in premium developments across North America since 2008. In 2017, Beko US, Inc. received the Environmental Protection Agency's ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year Award for its outstanding contributions to protecting the environment through energy efficiency. Beko is also the 2017 TWICE VIP Award winner in the high-efficiency washer category. For more information, visit www.bekoappliances.com or www.blombergappliances.com.


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